Smart Emergency Lights & Exit Signs

Never Test Again: Automated Testing & Wireless Reporting - No IT required!

Get 3 Months Of Free Testing!

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What do I need to stay in code?

Emergency lights must be tested & the results recorded monthly.
Testing is usually done by pressing a button on the light.

Regulators vary but include:

  • The Joint Commission
  • OSHA
  • State & City Fire Marshals
  • Problems with Manual Testing & Records


    Non-Compliant Testing


    Expensive Labor Costs


    Disrupts Working Hours

    What We Offer: "Automatic Testing & Wireless Reporting."

    Hexmodal Emergency Lights wirelessly perform all required testing automatically.

    1Replaces Existing Lights

    2Automatic Testing
    & Wireless Reporting

    3Digital Records & Alerts

    Advantages of Automatic Testing & Reporting


    Automatically Meet Fire Code

    Cost Reduction

    Lower Testing Costs

    Ease of use

    Manage Lights Online

    How It Works

    Smart Asset Management

    • Track lights with Free Scannable Asset Tags
    • Standard on every Hexmodal emergency light
    • Scanning takes you directly to the light's test history
    • Smart LEDs display color-coded statuses so you can
      visually determine if a light is functioning

    No IT Needed: Simple, Independent, Secure

    We Don't Use Your Internet

    Encrypted Communication

    Integrates With Existing Software

    No Set Up Or Management

    Why We're Best:
    more reliable, convenient & cost effective testing

    HEXMODAL 3rd Party In-House
    Testing Cost / Light
    Guaranteed Compliance
    Management-Free Testing
    Digital Records & Alerts
    Predictive Maintenance

    Hexmodal Online

    Automated Monthly Reports

    Additional Services Available
    & other custom services upon request

    Compliance Sticker Delivery

    Free Replacement Parts

    Turn-Key Installation